Overdue materials policy

In order to more effectively retrieve overdue library materials, the Champaign County Library board of Trustees adopts the following policy:

  1. It is acknowledged that when a patron signs a library card that they are agreeing to return all borrowed items on the due date indicated.  All items over a year old or not on reserve may be renewed three times, giving the patron six weeks to use the material.
  2. All patrons receive a written notice or call listing title of overdue material, and due date two weeks after these items were due.
  3. Two weeks after the first notice or call is made, the patron will receive a second notice about the overdue item.
  4. One month after the second notice, the patron will receive a last written notice that informs that that they may be filed against in Small Claims court for the items or their replacement cost, all fines, notification fees, and court fees.  The filing will be done one week after the last letter is mailed.

If the cardholder is a minor under the age of eighteen, a parent or guardian will be the responsible party.

The library will not file on patrons with less than $10.00 worth of items overdue.

  1. If the patron thinks an item has been returned, the library staff will search the library shelves for it.  If it is not found after several careful searches, the patron must then assume payment for the cost of the item.
  1. There will be $1.00 notification fee charged to a patron’s card for each notice sent.