Meeting room

The meeting room in the library is provided for library-related activities.  These activities take precedence.  The library encourages other groups to use the meeting room when it is not needed for library-related activities, and when use will not interfere with service to other library users.

The meeting room is available to organized, non-profit groups for public meetings of a civic, cultural, or educational nature.  Meetings for sales generation will not be permitted.

During a meeting or program that is open to the public, no admission fee or donation requests are permitted.  No items may be sold unless for the profit of the library or approved author visit.  However, groups may charge a reasonable fee to recover the cost of materials, handouts, craft making supplies, refreshments, etc.  Arrangements for any such fees have to be approved at the time of requesting the room reservation.

All groups using the meeting room must adhere to the following policies and guidelines.

Completed application forms for any meeting room use by non-library groups must be submitted to the Director or in her absence the Assistant to the Director for approval.   A copy of the approved form is returned to the organization’s representative as confirmation of the reservation.  On the meeting date, the confirmation must be submitted to library personnel before the room will be made available.   (See appendix for a copy of the form)

All meetings must take place during regular library hours:  Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Meeting rooms must be vacated ten (10) minutes before the library closes.

The meeting room can be scheduled up to 12 months in advance. 

Reservations for a regular meeting by the same group will be accepted no more than six (6) months in advance.  Conditional reservations may be accepted farther in advance with the understanding that the needs of the library may result in rescheduling or canceling the tentative booking.

Children’s groups may use the meeting room providing they are supervised by one adult for every 5 to 7 children.

The Champaign County Library meeting room can be divided into two smaller meeting rooms.  Room A can hold 50 and contains the sink and refrigerator.  Room B can hold 50 people.  The entire meeting room will not be reserved unless the expected attendance at a function is 45 or greater.

Reservations for meeting rooms can be made in person or by telephone during regular library hours.  Reservations must include the name of the organization, time and date desired, number of persons expected and the name and telephone number of the person scheduling the meeting.  It is understood that inquiries concerning the meeting in question may be referred to the person scheduling the meeting.

It is the responsibility of the person scheduling the meeting to inform the library of meeting cancellations.  Please give as much notice as possible when meetings are canceled so other organizations may use the room. 

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all areas of the library.

Refreshments can not be taken into any other area of the library.

Chair and table arrangements are the responsibility of the group using the room.  If given sufficient notice and if staff is available to assist, requests can be made to set-up tables and chairs, with the arrangement of those items the responsibility of the user.  Meeting room users are responsible for damages to the rooms.

Some audio-visual equipment is available for use in the meeting room.  The equipment should be requested when the room is reserved.  Groups using the library audio-visual equipment are responsible for any damage done to the equipment while in their care.

The library is not responsible for equipment, supplies, materials or other items owned by a group or individual and used in the library.  The library cannot supply storage for such items.

The Champaign County Library Board of Trustees and the Champaign County Library staff do not assume liability for groups or individuals attending meetings in the library.

Neither the name nor the address of the Champaign County Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet at the library does not constitute an endorsement of its policies or beliefs.

The library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any meeting.  Advance notice of such cancellation will be attempted but not guaranteed.

The Library Director is authorized to deny permission to use library meeting rooms to any group that violates these policies or disturbs the usual operations and procedures of the library.  Any question of interpretation will be decided by the Library Director.

The Library Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time.  For good cause, the Library Director may waive any meeting room regulation and may deny or cancel any application for reservation of meeting room space.


Adopted 7/16/96    Updated 5/10/2007