Sublimation Printer


  • A digital image is printed on transfer paper using special sublimation inks.  The print is then placed on polyester or poly-coated items (substrate) and then placed on a heat press until the inks turn to a gas and transfer the image onto the item.

What you need

  • Your image or design on a flash drive. You can also email it to us at
  • The sublimation printer uses the following file types: PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF, PSD, EPS, and TIFF 
  • The item you wish to transfer your picture to:
    • The library carries 11 oz coffee mugs and white photo tiles for purchase. 
    • You may purchase other items from suppliers online.  Items must be made specifically for use with sublimation printers.
    • If you wish to make a t-shirt…100% polyester is best, items that have a lower polyester content will not be as vibrant.  Shirts must be a light color (white, pale blue, pale yellow, etc)
  • Basic instructions on using Microsoft Publisher to design a mug are available below.
  • If you use, here is a template you can use to design your mug.    There are different sizes of mug paper; however, this is a standard size and some adjustments can be made when you come to the library to make your mug.  Please remember to remove all the example images/text from the template and only include what you want on your mug.


Mug paper  $1.00

8 ½” x 11”    $1.50

11” x 17”      $2.00

Mugs, Key Rings, and Photo Tiles     $3.00


Basics of Sublimation (this is a basic informational video - we do not endorse any particular company)