Reading Challenges

Our Reading Programs allow families and readers of all ages to log and read books for prizes and badges. These programs are offered through Beanstack, which is our free online service that offers book and activity logging, recommendations and book reviews. Beanstack will automatically direct you to the appropriate activities based on your age. Show us how much you love to read by participating in one of our programs!

Active and Upcoming Challenges

winter reading challenge

Grab a blanket, a book, and get cozy! If you read or listen to books/magazines for at least 20 minutes every day until the end of the Winter Reading Program, you will have read over 1500 minutes! Preschool-Teens

adult reading challenge

Complete one or all the activities.  The more you complete, the more chances you will have to win!  You could win a $100 Gas card or a number of other prizes.  Adults

curl up

This is the best time to curl up with a warm blanket and read.  This winter we are challenging you to read, read, read!  Adults


Take a deep breath in and out, notice where you are, and how you are feeling. Great job! You are on your way to becoming a more mindful person. Try this challenge and earn 10 new badges as you take some much-needed me time.  All Ages


To complete the challenge, visit the animals, landmarks and hidden gems of our world from the comfort of your home. Then read three books that relate to the places, animals or people you met in your travels.  All Ages


STEAM is all around us! From the questions we ask, technology we use, and creative solutions we develop, our world is powered by STEAM. Learn more about its progress, pioneers, games, and activities in this interactive challenge!  All Ages


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