Large Format Vinyl Printer/Cutter


  • Printing and contour cutting on a large scale
  • Media available: banner, poster paper, art canvas, removable and permanent adhesive
  • Banners, pictures, posters, and decals are just some of the projects you can create.
  • Roland SG-540, Eco-Solvent Ink


  • You will need your files saved as a PDF on a flash drive with your design (we are able to convert your file to a PDF if needed)
  • You may also email your design to ; however, you will need to be present to print your project.
  • You are required to design your project for printing.   (see the files below about designing a basic banner in Publisher and the basics of Banner Design) is a free website you can use to design your project (see video and handout below).
  • When we talk about banners, you can apply the information to any project whether it be a poster, photograph, etc.  
  • Picture files should be at least 300 dpi; however, the larger the file size the better.
  • Media available at this time:  vinyl banner 30", 38" and 54"; poster paper 30",  removable sticker 30", permanent sticker 30", art canvas 30", ultra-removable wall sticker 54", and clear window cling 30"
  • The printable area is approximately 2 inches less than the roll size.  When choosing the size of the design, use the printable area, not the size of the material.
  • There will always be approximately 1-2 inch margin around the print job, it will not print edge to edge.
  • Patrons are responsible for trimming the media and adding grommets or hem tape.  
  • If you are interested in cutting vinyl for projects such as stickers, you will need to use Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to add cut lines to your project. 


  • Banner
    • 30"   2.00 per foot
    • 38"   2.50 per foot
    • 54"   4.00 per foot
  • Removable Sticker 
    • 30"  2.00 per foot
  • Permanent Sticker 
    • 30"  2.00 per foot
  • Poster Paper  30"  2.00 per foot
  • Wall Noodle (ultra-removable wall sticker) 54"   5.50 per foot  
  • Canvas   30"  8.00 per foot
  • Clear Window Cling/Static Cling   30"  4.00 per foot
  • Grommets and hem tape are free if you use them on the day you print your banner. 
  • Grommets are 15¢ each otherwise.

NOTE: The banner material available is suitable for outside use; however, it may not hold up to strong wind.  

You may bring in your own material, but it must work with the eco-solvent ink.  The cost will be half the cost of the size of material you are using.

Payment is by cash or check only.