Large Format Vinyl Printer


  • Printing  on a large scale
  • Media available: banner, poster paper, art canvas, removable and permanent adhesive
  • Banners, pictures, posters, and decals are just some of the projects you can create.
  • Roland SG-540, Eco-Solvent Ink


  • You will need your files saved as a PDF on a flash drive with your design (we are able to convert your file to a PDF if needed)
  • You may also email your design to ; however, you will need to be present to print your project.
  • You are required to design your project for printing.   (see the files below about designing a basic banner in Publisher and the basics of Banner Design) is a free website you can use to design your project (see video and handout below).
  • We will use the term "banners"; however, you can apply the information to any project whether it be a poster, photograph, etc.  
  • Picture files should be at least 300 dpi; however, the larger the file size the better.
  • Media available at this time:  vinyl banner 30", 38" and 54"; poster paper 30",  removable sticker 30", permanent sticker 30", art canvas 30", ultra-removable wall sticker 54", and clear and white window cling 30"
  • The printable area is approximately 2 inches less than the roll size.  When creating your design, use the printable area size, not the size of the material.  For example, if you are using the 38" banner material, your design should not be larger than 36" on at least one side.  
  • There will always be approximately 1-2 inch margin around the print job, it will not print edge to edge.
  • Patrons are responsible for trimming the media and adding grommets or hem tape.  
  • We are no longer offering cutting on this piece of equipment.  We still have sticker paper, but will not offer the option to individually cut stickers.


  • Banner
    • 30"   2.00 per foot
    • 38"   2.50 per foot
    • 54"   4.00 per foot
  • Removable Sticker 
    • 30"  2.00 per foot
  • Permanent Sticker 
    • 30"  2.00 per foot
  • Poster Paper  30"  2.00 per foot
  • Wall Noodle (ultra-removable wall sticker) 54"   5.50 per foot  
  • Canvas   30"  8.00 per foot
  • Clear and White Window Cling/Static Cling   30"  4.00 per foot
  • Grommets and hem tape are free if you use them on the day you print your banner. 
  • Grommets are 15¢ each otherwise.

NOTE: The banner material available is suitable for outside use; however, it may not hold up to strong wind.  


You may bring in your own material, but it must work with the eco-solvent ink.  The cost will be half the cost of the size of material you are using (54" sticker, the cost will be $2.00, 30" sticker, the cost would be $1.00).  The interior tube must have a 3" opening.  We cannot guarantee your material will work on our machine.  


Payment is by cash or check only.


Learn the basics of using to create a banner.