American Button Machine

The Basics

Use your own pictures/graphics to create pinback buttons. 

The Lab currently has two sizes of button machines available.  

  • 1.25" Button Maker     Cut Line-1.629” Picture Size-1.156”
  • 2.25" Button Maker      Cut Line 2.625” Picture Size 2.063”


What you need

  • Your graphic the size of the button you wish to use.  
  • You will need to print out your graphic which is possible from the library's computer lab if needed.  The graphic can be printed on regular copier paper. 
  • The graphic will need to be trimmed slightly bigger than the size of the button you are using.  (see template information below)



  • 1.25" buttons  25¢ each
  • 2.25" buttons  50¢ each


How to Make a Button Video from American Button Machines

Button Templates - From American Button Machines

Canva Templates - Any photo you add should automatically fit in the frame (the area that looks like the sky), If you do not want to use the frame, use the second sheet available in the template. Please do not change the locked circles.  Your picture needs to fit inside the smaller circle inside the outer gray circle. Trim around the outer gray circle when you cut out your buttons, the extra will bend around the back of the button. You may need to trim a little extra of the gray off to fit in the button maker.  Download and print out as a pdf document and it should keep the correct sizing.

If given the option, please choose - use  template for new design.

1.25 Canva Button Template - full sheet

2.25 Canva Button Template - full sheet



Make Your Own Buttons