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GAR Warsketch Book

GAR Warsketch

The War Sketch Project was undertaken by Amy Perry and Gloria Malone of the Champaign County Library. The book is so large (12 X 17 X 3) and old that the pages were literally falling out of the book. The pages were handwritten and the ink has faded, so it was very difficult to read the pages in order to retype the information. There were also misspellings and mistakes throughout the original entries and these were left in our reproduction.



This Volume is designed to contain the record of the war services (1861-1865) of the living and deceased members of this post; the living to certify to the statement of their services, and the facts relating to the dead to be certified by the Post Historian.

The supplementary part of the Volume is for a continuance of the personal sketches as occasion may require in the opinion of the Post Historian, also for the preservation of the names, and record of other soldiers or sailors who enlisted from the immediate locality.