One Book Many Communities

One Book Many Communities

March & April 2020

One Book, Many Communities is a reading initiative for northern Miami Valley residents. Twenty-two libraries are participating this year and invite you to read the book choice and participate in programs that focus on the book’s theme. Follow "One Book Many Communities" on Facebook for more information on programming or click on the link below for a copy of the programming booklet.

This year's book selection is The Widows by Jess Montgomery.


"The Widows is a gripping historical mystery about two women whose lives collide when the man they both love is murdered.

When Lily Ross learns that her husband, Daniel Ross, the town’s widely respected sheriff, is killed while transporting a prisoner, she is devastated and vows to avenge his death. But just hours after Daniel’s funeral, a stranger appears at Lily’s door: Marvena Whitcomb, a coal miner’s widow, is unaware that Daniel has been killed, and begs to speak with him about her missing daughter.

Soon Lily and Marvena realize that Daniel was not the man that either of them believed him to be—and that his murder is far more complex than either of them could have imagined.

Set in 1920s’ Ohio against the backdrop of coal mining, prohibition and women’s rights, The Widows is inspired by the true stories of two women: Maude Collins, the first female sheriff in the state of Ohio, whose husband died in the line of duty in 1925, and Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, the prominent labor and community organizer."




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