Virtual Storytime

over and under

Did you know that Saturday, May 23 is World Turtle Day? Enjoy today’s storytime selection entitled Over and Under the Pond read by the Author Kate Messner.  Following her reading, choose an activity (or two) to extend learning. Share pictures and stories about your experience with this week's virtual storytime kit below! 
1. WATCH and LISTEN to author: Kate Messner read her book Over and Under the Pond: 

2. Choose an activity (or two!) to extend learning: 
- EXPLORE: Visit a pond and see what kind of animals live there. Talk about the “over & under” concept. See how many animals you can name who live above and below the water. Also talk about the turtle's habitat.  

- CREATE: Make your very own bouncy turtle, all you need is construction paper, scissors, glue and a marker: 

Make a Paper Bowl Turtle: Have children decorate the back of a paper bowl as a turtle shell. Let them be creative with paints, torn up construction paper or tissue paper, crayons, etc. When dry, glue construction paper feet, head, and tail to the underside of the turtle "shell."  


-WATCH: this short video all about turtles: 


-PRINT and LEARN: All about turtles: 

-MOVE to the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 


-WATCH this Sesame Street video Twelve Tiny Turtles: 


-PLAY and do the Turtle Crawl: Work on those large motor skills by having your child/children crawl like a turtle with a shell (such as a foam mat or carpet square) on their backs, trying not to lose the shell.  


-MAKE AND EAT: Turtle Ritz Cracker Snack, simply put peanut butter on Ritz crackers and let kids use pretzels to make the legs and tail of the turtle.  


-SING and use those small motor skills:  

This is my turtle 

This is my turtle. (Make fist, extend thumb) 

He lives in a shell. (Hide thumb in fist) 

He likes his home very well. 

He pokes his head out when he wants to eat. (Extend thumb) 

And pulls it back when he wants to sleep. (Hide thumb in fist)