• Draw your own circuits with conductive ink pens.



  • Build loads of simple robot constructions with the Cubelets Curiosity Set.


Let’s Start Coding – learn real code hands-on

  • Build over 90 hands-on projects as you learn to code.
  • Cards included in the box explain components and how to get started.



  • Evo / Ozobots are small, smart toy robots that empower gamers and learners to code, play, create and connect the physical and digital worlds.  A separate device is not needed to work with these robots.  (also available for checkout)



  • There is no charge for using this equipment
  • *These items may be checked out for in-house use.  You may take them to a study room for more privacy. 
  • Some of the items require a device to use.  If you do not have your own device, laptops and iPads are available to check out for in-house use also.

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