DVDs and videocassettes


Requirements for Registration

The borrower must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid library card from the Champaign County Library.  Videos and DVDs may be picked up only by patrons holding valid library cards – that is, unregistered relatives and friends may not pick up videos and DVDs for another patron.


Restrictions on the Use of Videos and DVDs

Videocassettes and DVDs may not be used where admission is charged, and may not be cut, edited, copied nor televised.


Standard Loan Period and Return Requirements

The standard loan period for entertainment videocassettes and DVDs is five days.  They are due back by closing time of the fifth day (not counting Sundays or holidays).  Entertainment videos and DVDs may be renewed two times. Items that have been reserved by other patrons cannot be renewed.


The standard loan period for instructional videocassettes and DVDs is fourteen days.  They are due back by closing time of the fourteenth day ( not counting Sundays or holidays).  Instructional videocassettes and DVDs may be renewed two times.  Items that have been reserved by other patrons cannot be renewed.


The overdue fine is $1.00 per day per videocassette or DVD.   There is a maximum fine of $10.00 per item. Videocassettes must be rewound before being returned.  Videocassettes and DVDs must be placed in their proper cases with all attachments in place.


A drive-up return drop is located on the west side of the library for your convenience.  Items retrieved from the return drop before building opening will be counted – for the purpose of calculating fines – as being returned the previous day.



Patrons may place reserves on videos or DVDs in order to be notified when they are retuned to the collection.  Videos or DVDs that are on the shelf cannot be reserved for a later time.  Videos or DVDs cannot be reserved for certain dates.  Reserved videos will be held for only 24 hours after the patron has been notified.  If we cannot reach the patron after a few days, the video will be passed on to the next patron.


Item Care

Do not expose videocassettes or DVDs to extreme temperature or humidity.  They should be at room temperature before playing.  Do not leave the videocassettes on top of the television or VCR.  Do not attempt to repair broken videocassettes.  Borrowers are responsible for the replacement coast of the video or DVD for theft of or damaged to the item due to user mishandling, such as erasing or taping over a film, or equipment malfunction.  If a videocassette or DVD is not working properly, please tell us when you return the item.


Damage to Player

The Champaign County Library is not responsible for any damage to a patron’s videocassette or DVD player from the use of the library’s videos or DVDs.


Patron’s Responsibility for Compliance with Policies

In signing the library registration card that remains on file at the library, the patron agrees to abide by the library’s policies.  Failure to do so may result in the immediate suspension of the patron’s video borrowing privileges.